The Organic Jesus

Scott Douglas (or at least his wife) went on an organic kick, it was because they wanted products at their purest, without manmade additions. A conversation about a leaf organic toilet paper made him wonder, if our spiritual lives could be lived in an organic way.

Scott had been having a troubled feeling about his faith, and as a result started looking for the Organic Jesus. To quote from the book…

The troubled feeling I had been experiencing came from not having been told the complete story about who Jesus is. I needed to search and uncover the Organic Jesus—to take away the Wiki journeys to pointlessness and all the things that had created a flavorful, chemically produced, spectacle-driven Jesus—to strip it all away, and return to the Jesus I knew before I ever owned a computer or heard of the Internet. The Jesus I innocently accepted at age seven.

I’m not going to discuss any of the conclusions, or share thoughts on what Organic Jesus has to say about… Jesus (Go and see the Organic Jesus website to find out more). What I will shout about is how the search for .

Simply put, if you struggle with books, this is the book for you. This is a book with short punchy chapters, with built in “Wiki breaks” that both distract you from, and keep you in the book. It has quizzes, references to the website, and ideas about what you can tweet / facebook about.

This is an ideal book for people more comfortable dropping down the wiki rabbit hole, then they are reading a book about Jesus.

Check out the Organic Jesus website for videos, quizzes and things.

The Organic Jesus book is available from and

From Before You Were Four.

Who remembers when I was tweeting about “Little Sofa” being born? Well… today she is four years old! Four! She is growing from a toddler to a preschooler to an actual little person within a blink of an eye. Time seems to be rushing forward, and before I know it she’ll be going to big school and everything!

Taking inspiration from Al over The Dad Network I thought I would blog a list of things that my daughter (probably) wouldn’t remember, but I would.

Instead, I figured I would take a photo of my notes (seen above), and save the notebook on a shelf somewhere.

So Little One… Here are a collection of memories from before you were 4. 


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