10 Things To Include on your Church Website

Earlier on today, I caught myself over hearing a conversation about Church websites, and what should really be included on them. As these people seemed to know what they were talking about, I thought I would share the ideas about Church websites here.

Here are the list of things I heard that should be included on a church website*:

  1. Make sure you include an in-depth history of the church as well – for new comers.
  2. How long have you had a Church newsletter / magazine for? Include all of them on the website. As scanned in, PDF downloads.
  3. Include a list of things your church frowns on. You don’t want the wrong people coming to your church.
  4. Lots of images are good! Need an image? Google has it!
  5. Ensure it looks really good on a big screen. That way it looks really very pretty.
  6. A step by step theological guide explaining why your services are structured in the correct manner.
  7. Make sure you include a photo of the smiling lead minister and his / her smiling family.
  8. Flash animations. They look pretty.
  9. Blessed with creative musicians? Include their tunes on the website. Have the tunes playing automatically as the website loads. Include affiliate links to Amazon were the songs can be brought. (Thus creating TWO income streams)
  10. Ensure you have links to Social Media accounts. Don’t worry about updating them.

Is there anything else you would include?

Please bear in mind this was what we heard, so of it may not be totally accurate!

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  1. Great list! A few other things I suggest adding to a church website…

    – Use a wide variety of fonts and font colors on each page. It will help the text to stand out.
    – Include a picture of your church building with no one there. After all, the church is primarily the building.
    – Why stop at 2 income streams when you can have 3 by placing Google AdSense ads on your site?
    – Also consider saving $5/mo by getting an free site with ads on it.

    P.S. I kind of disagree with #4. The best church websites are all text and no images.

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