10 Things Not To Say When You Meet Christians For The First Time…

Picture the situation. You’re at a summer wedding, with ALOT of folks from another church? Or you’ve just started at a Christian company.  What should you consider not saying in such a situation? Here is, what could be, the results of The Sofas experience in such situations.

  1. “Baptist? Really?”
  2. “Urgg…. I’m so hung over…”
  3. “Oh you go to that new Church? How many conversions have you had since you started?*
  4. “So do you go to a Church that is anointed with the Holy Spirit?”
  5. “Hey, How YOU doin”
  6. “Yeah… I go to the cool church down the road from yours…”
  7. “You like Driscoll? Really??”
  8. “I don’t know how those churches can use incense, it really sets off my asthma, its really inconsiderate. What church did you say you went to again?”
  9. “yeah… we baptist people the biblical way in our church…”
  10. In response to “How do you know the lucky couple?”, DO NOT SAY “We used to go out drinking together… a lot”. The person you’re talking to probably hates drinking…*

*Possibly based on a true life conversation.

Is there anything else of note that we’ve not included? 

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