Random Ways to Show Love and Acceptance.

So, lets face it. Its still an “interesting” time in England. With no England Manager, no Prime Minister, and possibly maybe no leader of the opposition*, there is a fair bit of interesting news going on. This is against the backdrop of arguments between the two different sides of the Brexit debate, and sadly, a fair amount of news of racist attacks from various parts of the country. I’m not going to write a full discourse looking at why this may be the case, instead I’m going to look at a few ideas of what could be done instead. (There’s no way of phrasing the next sentence without being cheesy) How can we spread love, instead of Hate?

Read kids books.


Kids books are awesome, and the world needs more awesome. Give Stick Man a try.

Check out your local European food shop.


I dont know, but I imagine owners of European food shops may want a bit of love at the moment. Why dont you try popping in to one and spend a bit of money on things you would normally buy from a supermarket. Look out for amazing beer, and Chocolate Oreo Cake Things….

Give out some scones.

Like these guys…

… obviously you want jam on first…

Does your local Mosque need anything?

For example…




Drop a cake around to your neighbours.

Because everyone loves cake.

Wear a safety pin.


Because it shows you’re safe…

Offer Free Hugs


Do some Street Preaching.

Proclaim out of love that everyone is going to hell.

No. I’m kidding.

Dont do this.


Any other suggestions you’d like to share?

*Maybe the Queen should run the country? Maybe there should be a petition for this?

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  1. Someone here in Wells (I think copied from Bristol) has put a bucket of roses outside their house, inviting migrants to take one because they’re welcome here and appreciated by the person with the bucket.

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