What happens on a PCC Away Day?

Upon hearing that our church PCC was making plans for a PCC Away Day, we couldn’t help but wonder what on earth would happen during such a surreal sounding event. We tried asking the current PCC members, but they just looked at us and backed away. With our curiosity somewhat increased, we tracked down some ex PCC members within the safe houses deep within the Devon hills.

Through hushed tones, and wild startled looks, here are ten activities that we heard take place during a PCC Away day*.

  1. There are meetings, and discussions during the day. Any disagreements are resolved by Cage fighting between the people involved in the disagreement. Last one standing wins the “discussion”.
  2. In order to encourage team unity, Beards are drawn on each other.
  3. Bible Bingo. Open your bible, stick your pen in, and choose the verse you’re pointing at to argue your point.
  4. During a meeting, you may get bored. During such times: Close your eyes. Pretend you’re elsewhere. Open your eyes. Talk in the accent of that particular place.
  5. Its good to mix things up once in awhile. So everyone puts their particular responsibilities onto a slip of paper which is dropped into a hat. PCC members then draw out new responsibilities. Holding that slip of paper now means you’re an expert in that field, and cant be wrong.
  6. In order to be responsible for Church worship, you have to win “PCC X Factor”!
  7. In case of discussion about the church website, everyone’s opinions are written down. They are all implemented.
  8. Come the mid afternoon, some sort of activity is needed to build up team spirits again. PCCs split into teams, and then see which team can build the biggest tower out of marshmallow and spaghetti. Destroying towers belonging to other teams is not just allowed, its encouraged.
  9. Another team building game is the classic: “Pin the rude post it note on the Church Warden”.
  10. When all else fails,a coin toss is used to resolve “discussions”.

*We may have heard wrongly.

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