First World Christian Problems

In this day and age, being a Christian can be a difficult business. With many things to think about, and prayers that we’re not allowed to run around and offer to people, there does seem to be a number of problems that Christians come across.

To that end, may we present our list of top First World Christian Problems:

  1. My Bible runs out of battery
  2. Too many apps on my phone to find my Bible.
  3. Local Christian bookstore is on the wrong side of town.
  4. Not being allowed to eat the nice chocolate biscuits, not before Housegroup anyway.
  5. The church meal doesn’t have pizza.
  6. The person I’m front of me during the service is to talk for me to see the screen!
  7. Netflix doesn’t have enough Christian programming in your country.
  8. I have to cross a busy road to get to the Christian bookshop from the free car park.
  9. I can’t get 3G in my church!
  10. Church coffee.

Any others to add?

For actual problems check out

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