Embarrassing Moments In A Church Service

There are some people out there, who anything can happen to them, and they wouldn’t care. Then there are other people who get embarrassed by stuff happening. Those are normally very sensible people. Here are some things that those people get embarrassed by in Church.

  1. You’re singing loudly, and out of tune… without realising your minister has changed the song lyrics.
  2. The baby you’ve been asked to hold, throws up…over your face.
  3. The Prayer time starts… so does your coughing fit.
  4. You get asked a question. In front of people. Your mind goes blank.
  5. Someone slips a Whoopee cushion under you as you sit down…
  6. Two words. Nose Bleed. (While you’re stuck in the middle of an aisle)
  7. You’re sat dead in the middle of the congregation… and you need to fart…
  8. You miscalculate the amount of sweets you’re taking out your pocket… dropping them loudly on the floor.
  9. Its quiet. Its serious. People are crying. Your phone rings. Loudly.
  10. You stand up in front of the Church Service… and wonder if you really did your flies up earlier.

Any that we’ve missed out?

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