Ideas For Your Easter Church Service.

Are you leading worship during Easter? Have you started planning for it yet? If not, is it because you’re still looking for an idea of what to do? If so, The Church Sofa can help with out list of Top Ideas for a Easter Church Service:

  1. Pain Experiment: See how painful it is to have nails hammered into you… thinking about it, maybe you should ask for a volunteer*.
  2. Watch the last couple of episodes of Rev. Say nothing more.
  3. Tear church curtains in two. Spend the rest of the year hiding from the Church Wardens / Deacons.
  4. Lead a discussion in the relationship between The Cross and  defence against vampires.
  5. Walk to Church by carrying a huge wooden cross. Try not to be late.
  6. Go to a local park with a couple of people from the church, let everyone go to sleep while one person prays. (Might be best to avoid any Roman soldiers if you do this)
  7. Watch “The Passion” as part of a family service*.
  8. Walk into an upright coffin:



As always, The Church Sofa team do not hold any responsibility at all if you try and do any of the above!

Any other ideas (serious, or silly) to share?

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