How To Give Up ANYTHING For Lent

Lent seems to have arrived early this year. Are you giving up anything for Lent? People seem to give up all sort of things, from Chocolate to Facebook. Whatever it is you’ve giving up for Lent, hopefully we have something here to help you give up anything for Lent.

  1. Have a group of people around you to act as an accountability group. This works best if the same group of people, are around you ALL THE TIME, so therefore can manually remove that chocolate bar from your mouth.
  2. Tell EVERYONE what you’re giving up, because if everyone knows how holy you are, then everyone can help you stay that holy.
  3. If you’re giving up talking, then wear a badge to tell people.
  4. Turn yourself into a hermit for Lent, or alternatively take a very long holiday to the middle of no where for 40 days.
  5. If you’re giving up something edible, then ban anyone from having that item ANYWHERE near your house!
  6. Has “that item” been brought near your house? Confiscate it and keep it for yourself!
  7. If you have an “accountability partner”, ensure you arrange times when you can both give in to temptation together. Obviously by planning the times you’re going to give in, means you’re more controlled the rest of the time. (Works best if you’re “giving up beer” for Lent).
  8. If all else fails, hook up your flat / house with webcams. Ensure that every nook and cranny is covered. Email your vicar with the web address, so they can watch your every move.

Any other ideas?

If all else fails, you could try taking up something good for Lent? Alot of people seem to do 40 Acts for Lent… but does this mean people stop doing good things after Lent?

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