Characters you find in Church Limbo

Every now and then recently I’ve found myself in “Church Limbo”. Its that weird space in Church when you’re not in a Church service, you’re not in a childrens / youth group, but you’re somewhere in between groups and activities.

Simply put, you’ve found yourself at Church, but not in Church. (Or at least not the normal standard official way of thinking about it anyway) .

Here is a list of characters I’ve spotted also hanging out in Church Limbo

  1. Little terrorists Toddlers  refusing to go into groups
  2. Lost new comer fighting their way out of the crèche, and into the main service.
  3. Groups of adults refusing to go in, possibly smoking behind the bible shelves.
  4. Evidence of someone playing Jenga with the spare Bibles.
  5. A very lost and confused pizza delivery person.
  6. Someone kipping on the floor with a sign saying “Wake me during the last hymn”, resting against them.
  7. A visitor wondering around trying to find a sign that will point them towards a toilet.
  8. Group of people enjoying an extended period of fellowship during the sermon.
  9. Local caffeine addict / late shift worker “testing” the coffee.
  10. Worn out parent giving into some of the terrorists demands, and giving the terrorist a biscuit.

Any one I’ve missed out?

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