Alternative (Adult) Baptism Pool Activities

Adult Baptisms are joyous occasions of people making fantastic promises in front of their Church family. The thing is, due to not every church having a local dodgy river, a baptism pool can be needed for these events. Baptism pools needing a lot of work filling… and emptying…

Considering we live in an efficient, austerity ran society it feels wrong that so much effort is put in for a one time use single purpose pool.

So what else could a baptism pool be used for? We came up with the following:

  1. Mass footwashing – Before or after the baptism… infact why not both!
  2. Duck Races – May need a fan to help propel the ducks.
  3. Pooh stick races – Similar to the above, but can appeal to fans of the childrens book “Stick Man”… and “Winnie the Pooh”.
  4. Supersoakers
  5. A Game of Dare – Challenge people to see how far they can lean over it…!!!
  6. A practical demonstration of the parting of the Red Sea.
  7. Prayers for the changing of water into wine.
  8. Swimming races, might need a particularly large baptism pool for this.
  9. Stack up some cups, encourage people to help themselves to a cold cup of water after the service.
  10. Add a large amount of flour, and throw in the youth worker.

Any other ideas for alternative baptism pool uses?

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