The Encouraging* Bible Verse Picker

Have you ever wanted an encouraging word from the Bible, and tried just opening it at random to see what happened?

Well I dont want to say that God cant work in that way, but I do wonder though what sort of outcomes people may get. To that end, please let me introduce you to The Encouraging* Bible Verse Picker.

If you need an encouraging* Bible verse, please push the button below, and be encouraged*.


*Probably isn’t going to be encouraging, or helpful in anyway. If you’ve stumbled here in an attempt to connect with God and his word, please check out Coffee with God.


(Annoyingly the Encouraging Bible Verse Picker doesn’t seem to work within the mobile Twitter apps  Browser – but it should work fine within other mobile browsers)

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    […] Ask everyone to give an encouraging Bible verse to the person on the left. Give them all a chalk pen to take home with them to write the Bible verse on a mirror at home. (You can use the Encouraging Bible Verse Picker for help) […]

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