Top Things Remembered From A Sermon

Isn’t the Church Sermon great? After all, they are a chance to sleep, write silly blog posts, make paper aeroplanes, order pizza, hear and learn Gods wisdom through the study of his word. But the challenge for anyone giving the sermon in church is to ensure they get, and keep peoples attention*. Even the most charismatic of preachers cant stop everyone from being distracted from the sermon they are giving.

We asked a group of people what they were distracted by remembered from sermons over the last month.

  1. That noisy baby / toddler perfectly positioned behind your good ear.
  2. That coughing fit the old dear sitting near you had. Leading you to spend the rest of the service, keeping an eye on her, whilst trying to remember your fist aid training.
  3. The person behind you spilling their glass of water ALL over the place.
  4. Being distracted by calculating the flat surface a full glass of water can cover, once spilt.
  5. The plans for Sunday Roast your head came up with, only two minutes into the sermon.
  6. The last time you heard that illustration.
  7. Wondering if last weeks preacher was funnier.
  8. When you played the game of “Guessing the age of the guest speaker from the clues dropped in their sermon.”
  9. The first and third times when a children’s worker appeared, and you wondered if it was your child that was upset.
  10. That moment of hope when the preacher said “I’ll close on this point”

*Yes we are aware that there are other things, such as being theologically sound, hearing from God, etc…

What do you remember from your last sermon?

Post Sunday Childrens Group Conversation

Little Sofa had her first Sunday at a Childrens group which wasn’t creche today. In an attempt to engage her in conversation about it, Mrs Sofa asked her about a puppet that we believe might be Jesus.

Mrs Sofa: “Did Jesus go and see all the people?”

Little Sofa: (Very firm) “No”

Mrs Sofa: “Did Jesus sit down and eat a sandwich?”

Little Sofa: *Thinks for a moment* Yeah…