Tips To Help Christians Celebrate Christmas

As someone who listens to Christian radio on a regular basis, I often hear phrases similar to “What is a Christian response to…” With this in mind (as well as our rich history of giving tips to Christians wanting to do things a Christian way), I wondered what tips I could find, to help Christians celebrate Christmas.*

  1. Whilst you /your family / housemates / toddler / small child lays peacefully in bed, gently waking up, play a gentle Bible reading around the house, so everyone’s minds are focused on scripture all day long.
  2. Before you open any presents. Dont forget to pray thanking God for the gift of his son Jesus.
  3. Ensure you are at Church on time to be on the (probably already full) front row. After all, that’s where the real celebration is.
  4. Spend the evening knocking on your neighbours doors, ask them if they’re also celebrating the birth of our Lord. If they give anything that isn’t a positive answer, offer to pray in tongues over them. Try and aim for the start of Doctor Who.
  5. Drink non alcoholic mulled wine.
  6. Host an outdoor worship service in your garden
  7. Listen to Christian Music Christmas Praise and Music when ever you have a chance.
  8. After opening any present, remember to stop and all pray thanking God for that present.
  9. Only give Bibles (or commentaries) as a Christmas present.
  10. Set up a biblical nativity scene in your front garden. Dont forget the bright lights, screaming baby, animals, animal smell…
  11. Have a smile on your face all day, dont snap at anyone, and always be joyful.

Have you got any tips to add to help Christians celebrate Christmas?

*Well if you’ve ever wondered how some Christians might celebrate Christmas… maybe its best to ignore the above.

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