Big List of Christmas Day Sermon Ideas *

Has it fallen to you to give a sermon on Christmas Day? Are you still looking for ideas for your Christmas Day Sermon?  Are you struggling to think of what to say to a (quite possibly) packed out Church?

Do you want your sermon to really push home the good news of Christmas, but struggling to find an angle?

Here is the Church Sofa list of Christmas Day Sermon Ideas*

  1. The role of Joseph in childbirth.
  2. Did Baby Jesus Cry? A Look at the Theological Implications.
  3. Nativity plays: How biblical are they really?
  4. Time how long a new born baby can last in the make shift manger without crying / manger falling down.
  5. What is good news, and what does that mean?TREE-300x235
  6. How much heat can an open fire generate? Test it on your Church floor.
  7. A Study of the Genealogy of Jesus.
  8. The Journeys of Mary and Joseph. What Journeys Do We Make Today?
  9. The Wise Men brought gifts at Christmas. Where’s mine?
  10. Who turned up at the birth of Jesus? Why them, and who are the 21st Century Western Equivalents?
  11. How long can live animals sit in a church without needing the toilet?
  12. Kings, Magi, or Wise Men?
  13. How long can a new born baby stay at the front of the Church, before the nappy needs changing.
  14. How much of a celebration is Christmas? Use live fireworks. Inside. During the service. (Without waking the baby)
  15. Tell the story of Christmas by Tube?

Have you got any other (possibly better) ideas that you could share below?

*You might have to be mad to use some of them.

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