A Christmas Present For The Vicar in Your Life?

We’re now hitting the time of year when we can officially start talking about Christmas and Christmas presents. What could be a good Christmas present for the local Vicar / Priest / Minister / Dog Collar Persons in our lives? Particularly considering this can be a busy time for Churches around the world.

With Carol Services, Sunday Services, Special Assemblies, Random Christmas Gatherings, and Carol Services to get to, you can help your minister get to every event she / he needs to, by buying them a spare minister “Inflatable Priest“.

This way they can have a spare vicar figure at hand if they need to send a replacement at short notice*.
Christmas Present For The Vicar in Your Life

Try this “Inflatable Priest(Amazon Link) and you never need to worry about booking a vicar ever again!*

Warning… You might not want to blow it up in front of an audience…

* Obviously you’re hoping that people cant tell the difference between their vicar, and a big balloon possibly filled with hot air…

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