What a Cold Pint of Beer Can Tell Us About God?

Some great words from Sheridan Voysey on Harvest :

A jug of beer was on hand to refill empty cups and the ‘sermon’ of sorts was given by an avid home-brewer named Joe, who lifted a pint into the air as he began to speak.

He said, “When we make and drink beer, we celebrate the grain and fine fruit of the field. We celebrate the miracle of hops, and the magic that is yeast.” Joe had my attention. I’d never heard a preacher extol the virtues of alcohol before.

He said, “When we make and drink beer, we also celebrate God’s creativity. God doesn’t make beer for us, but invites us to collaborate with him to make something new.”

Read the rest over at sheridanvoysey.com.

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  1. Popular quote, but Ben Franklin was talking about wine. http://www.anchorbrewing.com/blog/say-what-says-who-benjamin-franklin-on-beer-or-not/
    The great beer brewers in the bible were actually the Philistines
    But while the Israelites were more into wine, I think there is still room in the bible for quaffing a pint or two.
    Num 21:16 And from there they continued to Beer…

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