Happy JesusWeen Everybody

It seems that JesusWeen was a thing in America awhile back. Sadly the Jesusween website seems to be down, so I can confirm if its meant to be spelt Jesus Ween or JesusWeen, but I have found this little bundle of joy below.

(I like to think this video is a parody… I really do)

Things That Christians Can Give For Trick or Treat

That time of year is coming when children around the country will start knocking on peoples doors, and saying Trick or Treat. Now this isn’t a list about how Christians can respond to Halloween (even though I may write that one year), I’m going to presume you have decided to metaphorically embrace Trick or Treaters. This is all about what Christians could give for Trick or Treat.

Christian Halloween Stickers


Available from  orientaltrading.com

Encourage reading.


Available from openaparty.com

Offer something to read.


Check out Chick Publications to give the booklet a read… if you dare…

A really little Bible!


If you throw little Bibles at the kids at your door quick enough, they might thing they are sweets – and might even thank you!



Because, lets face it. If you are going to give chocolate, you might as well give Chocolate that reminds people about death.

Do you have any ideas to share?

Do You Need An Emergency Church Building?

Does your Church meet in a School / community building / anything that isn’t a Church building?

Do you sometimes struggle with booking times to use the building you meet in for Church meetings?

Do you sometimes wish you had a Church building?

How about a Church building you could use on a temporary basis, as and when you need it?

How about one you can bounce in?

How about a Inflatable Church…


Available from www.inflatablechurch.com.
Please tell me if you get one!