T Shirts to wear when “up front” at Church

Here’s the situation. For whatever reason, you’re finding yourself “up front” at church this weekend. It might be because you are doing a Bible reading, giving a notice, or being dragged up to pray for your Godson. What ever the reason, you’re in front of all these nice church people, what are you going to wear?

The Church Sofa has performed some research into acceptable t-shirts when you’re up on the stage at Church*.

If you’d like to apologise for not offending anyone.

Available from here

Sermon about marriage, wear this T-Shirt!

Available from here: here

Is it a massive gospel event this Sunday? Try this T-Shirt.

Available from here
Available from here

Is the church kinda anti LGBT?

Available from here

For when you’re standing next to the preacher.

Available from here
Available from here

Any other ideas out there?

*The research might be slightly flawed…


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