Apocalypse Nowish?

Its seems there was a blue moon last night. This means that the world will end in September.

According to this article by The Express anyway… :

“Prophecisor” Pastor Paul Begley has taken to YouTube to warn of the significance of the rare Blue Moon happening in the run up to the even rarer “tetrad” of four Blood Moons.

Fellow preachers have been warning for months that the date of the last of four ‘blood moons‘ over the past 18 months, due to occur on September 28, and following a papal visit to the US, will signal the second coming of Jesus Christ, before Armageddon.

Two evangelists with huge followings in the states – Mark Blitz and John Hagee – claim after that date the world as we know it will be destroyed by major earthquakes amid heightened tensions in the Middle East and the possibility of a Third World War.

Pastor Begley said he was concerned that tonight’s Blue Moon could spell disasters in the run up to the prophesied apocalypse in September.

A Blue Moon only happens when there is a second full moon in one calendar month – and so is unusual as the full moon cycle is normally 29.5 days.

He said in his video, on the channel he calls The Coming Apocalypse, which is also aired on some US TV channels, that after the first full moon this month on July 1, there were great fires in Canada, which sent so much ash into the air they made the moon “appear red.”

Having another “red moon” in the run up to the “blood moons” is a warning we cannot ignore, he suggested.

He said: “The thing I find very strange about this is it happens to be happening in this four Blood Moon tetrad, and in such a prophetic time.

“As we come towards the fourth and final Blood Moon – a super Blood Moon, we’ve got a Blue Moon.”

The pastor said the full moon in early July was the night of his first broadcast.

He added: “There were forest fires burning in Canada that sent so much ash, but the jet streams did not blow them away like normal, but instead, God just let the smoke hang there, so when the moon came up it was blood red.

You can read more over at The Express website.

To the guys credit, in the video that The Express include, he doesn’t mention September…


But theres a lot of talk about moons.

I guess we’ll see what happens in September, but I’d like to leave you with the follow links.

Matthew Chapter 24

This guy.

This advert.


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