Excuses for “Sleeping” in Church

We have busy lives, some times its difficult to stop. Sometimes we can only stop when we’re in Church… things happen, and all of a sudden it appears that we could be asleep. Particularly during the sermon.

If people accuse you of sleeping in church, heres a few reasons why you might be asleep in a church.

  1. I wasn’t asleep. I was resting in his presence.
  2. I concentrate better on what is saying, with my eyes shut.
  3. God rested on the 7th day. Why dont we?
  4. The worship tune was so poetic, it sent me into a peaceful sleep. Remind me to send a thankyou note to the worship leader.
  5. I admit it. I was asleep, but I was on a late shift last night, and the toddler woke at 4. Please be happy I’m actually here!
  6. I was casting a mental image of EVERYTHING the preacher was saying.
  7. I was praying!
  8. That wasn’t snoring, that was me humming in tongues whilst praying.

Any more excuses out there?

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