Advantages of Being on Time To Church

Imagine the situation. Its 10 minutes past ten, and you have a choice. Leave now, and get to Church on time. Or stop, breathe, rest, have a bacon roll and enjoy the moment – all meaning you are late to Church.

Here’s a couple of reminders of why you may want to get to Church on time.

  1. You can easily park somewhere near the church meeting.
  2. You get to sit on the back row!
  3. Take the chance to sit in the part of the church that’s best for mobile / wifi reception.
  4. Get a chance to sit next to that spare plug… charge your phone…
  5. You get your choice of Bible from the Bible Shelf.
  6. You have the chance to grab a paper copy of the song sheet… incase tall guy ends up between you and the screen with the worship lyrics projected onto.
  7. There is a chance you can help welcome the people you like to be welcoming to.
  8. Arrive early enough, you may be able to help set up… therefore things are set up how you’d like it to be.
  9. You’ll have time to choose a seat, get a coffee, and maybe find some breakfast to eat during the church service.
  10. Theres a chance, you may have a moment to say hello to someone. If thats your kind of thing.

Any other advantages out there?

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