Tips for a Successful Christian Road Trip

Planning a road trip sometime with some Christian Friends? Wondering about how to behave during your Christian Road Trip?

Hopefully the following tips could help.

  1. Cheesy Christian tunes are a must for a soundtrack. At least have Classic Tribe blasting from your car as you drive.
  2. Need a snack? Pop by the fruit stall to get some fruits of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Bless anyone who cuts you up.
  4. Stopping in at McDonalds? Make sure you pray over your food.
  5. Need somewhere to stay the night? Knock on a churches door, and ask to borrow their floor for the night.
  6. Driving and feeling tired? Dont pull over for a rest, ask God for his angels to carry the car whilst you sleep*.
  7. Looking for entertainment? Look for the nearest playground.
  8. Cheesy Christian tune not working out? Listen to REM:  “Losing my Religion”.

Any more suggestions?

*Dont do this. Dont do this. Dont do this. Dont do this.

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