How to start a Christian Debate

Sometimes, an argument can be good for the soul, or at least a good debate can be a great way to let go of some frustration, clear the air, and hear what people may really think about a particular subject

If you happen to fancy starting a debate (maybe during housegroup), here are a couple of comments that if you shout them loud enough, someone may react**.

  1. I’m not particularly against the results of the Irish vote on gay marriage.
  2. I don’t believe infant baptism is biblical .
  3. But there is a wrong way to worship.
  4. We drink alcohol free communion wine right? Thats what Jesus would drink.
  5. Praying in tongues is to be encouraged.
  6. What do people think about women being able to speak in Church?
  7. I voted Conservative in the election, please don’t judge me.
  8. I dont think we’re welcoming as a church to *choose your own group of people*.
  9. The King James Version of the Bible, is the only true word of God.
  10. I miss Mark Driscoll.

Any other comments you could make to start an argument?


**The Church Sofa takes no responsibility if any debate / argument gets out of hand in any way. We’re not even responsible for childish name calling… but that might be funny…

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