10 Games To Play At A One Day Christian Conference

You’re there at a One Day Christian Conference.
You could learn something, or you could play a game or two.
If you’re here, you’re probably wanting to play a game… Here’s some game ideas….

  1. Assume a different identity, every time you introduce yourself to someone. Not just a different name, but different accent, different way of walking, different way of smiling, etc…
  2. Stand in the middle of a crowd, shout for “John”. When “John” answers, walk over to him and talk to him like you’ve known him for ever.
  3. When someone is speaking during the conference, try and get from the back to the front of the hall without being seen.
  4. Do the above, whilst humming the Mission Impossible theme.
  5. See how much free stuff you can grab from the merchandise / information stands. Bonus points if you give them someone else’s contact / mailing details.
  6. Sit in the middle of the hall, make sure you hemmed in from all angles, that theres people all around, with no easy way to get in or out. At that point, grab your phone, and order a domino’s pizza.*
  7. Provide a service by arranging a charging station for everyones mobile phones.
  8. Earn money by charging people £1 per battery percent for the above service… dont tell anyone you’re basically plugged into the venues power sockets.
  9. During the morning time, offer to grab people coffee. When you return ask for a tip, if they dont tip… make them WEAR that coffee!!!
  10. Throw on some really tight exercise gear and encourage people to do a 5 minute exercise session with you.

*Bonus points if you order the pizza for the current speaker… and time it so the pizza guy comes in whilst they are speaking.

Any other game ideas?

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