What Christians say and what they really mean.

There was a slip of the tongue during a conversation the other week, where someone all but admitted that she may have once used one particular “Christian” phrase, when she meant something else.

This got us thinking, are there any other Christian phrases… which may or may not have another meaning? Here is our list of “What Christians say and what they really mean“:

I’ll go away and pray about it.
I’ll say no in 48 hours.

Is anyone sitting here?
Every other decent seat in the church is taken! Please, for the love of all that is beautiful, please do not make me sit in the front row.

Would you like to sing in the worship group?
We’re desperate, and well, you’ve volunteered for things before…

Peace of the Lord, be with you.
I feel so uncomfortable right now.

Can you serve the teas and coffees after the service?
Honestly, there’s only a slim difference between making tea for one, compared to a hundred. Honest.

May God bless us with this meal.
God, please don’t let it make me ill.

How’s your Bible reading going?
Whatever you say is a lie.

Can I interest you in a cold drink?
Please don’t ask for a tea. I really want a cold beer, but I worry I’ll appear like an alcoholic if I drink by myself.

No I don’t believe God is calling me to repent.
I’m ok with it, but thanks for asking.

Aww Bless you.
That was stupid.

Any more examples out there?

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  1. I believe the Lord is saying that… = it’s my strong personal opinion that…
    God hasn’t given me the spiritual gift of (washing up, kids ministry, stacking chairs, etc.) = I can’t be bothered to help

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