The unknown Dangers Preachers Face.

It is one of the unwritten rules of a Sunday Church Service. At some point a preacher will stand up to preach a sermon. At this point things get flexible, the person preaching could be male, female, dog collared, cat collared, but either way there is normally a preacher giving a sermon in church during a Sunday Service.

This preacher faces a number of dangers, every time a sermon is preached:

  1. Someone in the congregation seeing if your phone is on silent.
  2. That glass of water on the floor. Watch your feet.
  3. Wearing the wrong thing will create offence to someone. Don’t wear a shirt and tie… There will be complaints… Wear a shirt and tie, the people not used to you in a tie might giggle at you…
  4. That guy standing at the back, subtly doing the “your fly is low” action.
  5. The edge of the stage.
  6. The potential for complications with technology (e.g. microphone, powerpoint).
  7. Notes jumping on to the floor of their own according and scattering.
  8. Realising you’ve forgotten a page of your sermon notes.
  9. The gentle cough you had this morning, returning with a vengeance, at a crucial moment.
  10. A slip of the tongue…


Any others that should be mentioned?

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