Hosting A Church Homegroup. What Do You Need?

As the more eagle eyed Sofa readers may have spotted, 2014 featured the Sofa family moving from Church Sofa towers to The Sofa Castle. (Mrs Sofa has asked me to clarify this means moving from a smallish flat to a house). One thing we decided we wanted to do once we were settled was to host our homegroup. We’ve been warned we need the following in order to host our church homegroup.

Coffee. Lots of Coffee.


The exact amount depends on who’s leading.

Decaf Coffee.

Just in case someone asks for it. But remember, there are dangers involved with drinking decaf…



Lots Of Bibles

Lots of Bibles.


And Maybe A Really Big Bible…

Possibly A Historic Scroll.



As a special treat for ‘that’ person who can read Hebrew, and Greek…


Bible Toys.



Because Bible Studies can be fun. Right?

Massive Multi Media Set Up

Your Church Homegroup?


You can really take in Bible maps if they’re on a really big screen… and if nothing else, you’ll probably need to watch a video clip at somepoint.


Because someone normally secretly wishes they could be relaxing with a beer.

Relax with a Beer at your Church Homegroup?

If you have all of this. I’m sure you’re ready to host a Bible Study.

Just dont forget the biscuits.

Anything we’ve left out?

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  1. The spare dining chair for the person who arrives last. They have to sit awkwardly on it in the corner, juggling their Bible, coffee and journal while everyone else has a comfy spot in an armchair or sofa and has chair arms to balance things on.

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