Rev Paul Williamson, A Reminder of What Is Not Found in The Bible

Rev Paul Williamson has made a last ditch attempt to halt the consecration of the Church of England’s first female bishop, by shouting during Rev Libby Lane’s ordination: “A female bishop is not found in the Bible”.

Here is Rev Paul Williamson thoughts about women bishops on Sky News.

Well, Sofa would like to remind Rev Paul Williamson of a few other things that aren’t in the Bible:

  1. Dog Collars! Get that thing off your neck!
  2. The “Arch” Deacon.
  3. A Whale swallowing up Jonah.
  4. Nuns… and Monks
  5. Three Kings.
  6. Non alcoholic communion wine.
  7. English people.
  8. A Donkey taking Mary to Bethlehem.
  9. Massive churches to be “filled”.
  10. The Church of England…

Some of these are presumptions, so please feel free to school me on any of the above.

Please feel free to add to the above list below:

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  1. Slavery is in the Bible but Christians had a lot to do with abolishing slavery. Also I have heard of many men who have emptied churches! He mentions one woman! He said God decided something and Bless him -how arrogant to bless God.
    People have walked out of Church for many other reasons than female clergy! I was celebrating Eucharist the other evening – priest who happens to be female and 7 men n the congregation!
    To think the Church isn’t male dominated is just blinkered!

    I could say so much more about Lydia ans Junia ans Prisca and Mary Magdalene but he is deaf too!

  2. If he is that ‘traditional’ then surely he must accept the schism with Rome during Henry VIII’s reign. That means, theoretically, that the Apostolic Succession stopped at that point, so he isn’t really an ordained priest anyway and neither are any priests in the CofE. Picking and choosing what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’ is the foundation and continuation of all religion. Belief and trust are the foundation and continuation of all faith.

    • Rev Paul Williamson stood out of love for the church for which he had served as a pastor for forty-one years and out of respect for the gospel.

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