Should the Church be involved with politics?

In the space of one morning, two videos looking at the involvement of Church in politics seem to have surfaced online. Its almost like theres a General Election on this year or something? First up is a debate between Tim Montgomerie and Giles Fraser looking at the involvement of Church in politics, what political party the church represents, and if the church should keep out of it all:

(Found by the ever fantastic @thechurchmouse on Twitter)

Something a little different is this video to accompany the launch of #ShowUp campaign from Christians in Politics.

The Show Up campaign is designed to encourage Christians to get involved in politics, with information on how to arrange events, information on Christian groups within the main parties, and guides to what the main parties stand for. There is a lot more, and I do recommend taking a look, but it does seem to be missing any breakdown of what the parties are expected to stand for during this General Election. Hopefully that will come when General Manifestos are released.

(Details of the Show Up Campaign was found at the Resistance And Renewal blog)

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