#TommyTheTiger, And The Pain of Growing Up

Warning. This post may ruin a quite a nice church thing for you…

So it seems a Church advert based on The John Lewis advert has started making the rounds on social media, for those that have not seen it, heres the John Lewis Christmas advert.


Here is “Tommy The Tiger”, advertising St Thomas’ Church in Norwich

Now, I want to say what a well put together advert it is. I’d love to say what an original approach it is for a Church to put together something like this, so well. I’d love to say how heatfelt, and well… ‘nice’ it is. I’d love to say how brilliant it is. I have to admit, I found the scene where he drops and leaves the tiger a little sad…

Maybe its because it reminds me a little of this fake Calvin and Hobbes script.



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