Something For The Vicar In Your Life?

We’ve looked at a few Christmas presents over the last week for the different people in our lives. What about our local Vicar / Priest / Minister / Other Person with Dog Collar ? Well, its Christmas, and ministers are busy people at the moment, with Carol Services, Sunday Services, Special Assemblies, Random Christmas Gatherings, and Carol Services to get to. (I realise I said Carol Services twice, but I figured there are so many going on, it was worth mentioning twice). Help your minister get to every event he needs to, by buying them a spare minister “Inflatable Priest“.

This way they can have a spare vicar figure at hand if they need to send a replacement at short notice*.

Try this “Inflatable Priest“(Amazon Link) and you never need to worry about booking a vicar ever again!*

Inflatable Vicar Priest - Perfect Christmas gift for Churches

* Obviously you’re hoping that people cant tell the difference between their vicar, and a big balloon.

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  1. Yep. I received one of these a few Christmases ago. Sadly it’s proved rather lacklustre in the ‘presiding at services’ department….it also has a rather suspicious placing on the inflating valve.

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