The Church Sofa Awards 2014

Welcome to the fifth edition of The Church Sofa Awards.

This is where we celebrate the best and sometimes worse moments of 2014, featured both on this blog and around the internet. Obviously the standard rules apply, no actual awards will be given out or indeed harmed during these proceedings.

New this year is the Hero of The World Award

But The first award is…

Church Notice Board of The Year:  From this past year, this gem from Hull was the most popular:


Twitter Hero of The Year: @DeathMedieval. Tweet him. See what happens. (By The Way, it may not be pretty)

Most useful Church Sofa List: Sofa does try and educate people about Church and Churchy things through the form of lists. This years most popular list seems to be How to misbehave at a Christian Festival. This obviously suggests that no one has ever gone to Soul Survivor expecting to behave.

Most Educational Moment: This quiz telling people what denomination they should be part of.

Most Popular Thing Jesus Didn’t Say:


The Best Christian Event That-Didn’t-Really-Happen:


Simpsons Moment of The Year:

Don’t look up…

Hero of The World.

The characters within Sofas world have voted, debated, and voted again, and theres only one winner.

In a year which religious leaders stood on the battle lines in Ukraine praying for peace, when people put their health / lives on the line to fight Ebola, charity workers lost their lives in the middle east, and heros’ were found everywhere from the streets of Canada to the streets of Sydney, one light shined brightest.

In a world where people are giving up their time to give out food, this man stands up for a proper approach to breast feeding.

This man is Nigel Farage*.

Congratulations Nigel!



*This last award may not be serious… but The Times were being serious when they named him as Britain of the Year.

What do you reckon? Are then any awards which we should have included??

Any awards that should have been different?

Any highlights that we’ve missed out?

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