10 Ways That Your Christmas Service Can Go Wrong.

The Christmas Church Services. They involve many different people, in many different ways, and in different moods. Wonder how badly a Christmas service can go? Here are 10 ideas of how your Church Christmas service can go wrong…

  1. Has any one fed the donkey before it came into the church? Your dont want it feeding on little children.
  2. You ask the wrong kid to light the advent candle / crown – without a fire extinguisher on stand by.
  3. With a massive Christmas Tree like that, now’s a really a really bad time to discover the visiting preacher has an allergy to pine needles.
  4. How much mulled wine can the vicar drink before the sermon?
  5. Its Christmas! There is Chocolate! Anything involving children, WILL involve HYPED UP CHILDREN!!!!
  6. During that lovely moment when people are lighting each others candles, someone slips… someone becomes a human candle.
  7. That lovely piece of greenery that the flower arranger has done, with a space for a candle holder… with no one putting the candle out when it starts to hit the greenery.
  8. The combination of sermon length, plus temperature of the church hall?Hypothermia.
  9. What happens when the donkey needs to go to the toilet? Whilst surrounded by toddlers?
  10. The song sheets being swapped out, instead of Silent Night. You’re now singing “The Fairytale of New York”


Any more stories people want to share?


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