What can be found in a vicars bag?

Does your vicar have a bag, or a suitcase? Ever wondered what they keep in there? The Sofa found out…

Vicars Bag

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  1. Revsimmy

    No. 6: “3 at most”? You must be joking! With four churches in my benefice I have a grand total of 17 keys, including two really massive ones from ” the good old days “. Strangely, the sidespeople expect me always to have all the keys to their church with me whenever I go to take services in up to 3 different places on a Sunday morning.

  2. Anthony Duncalf (@Gallovidian)

    I suspect Gin would be the No11 of choice for many…. and lady ministers will probably have lippy and hairbrush as a minimum… maybe even some men too!

  3. Samantha Tredwell

    And tissues, handheld ( not everyone washes their hands), wet wipes, church keys, hall keys, safe keys, diary, baptism forms, chocolate, bits of paper that I am given with important information on which I now can’t remember why.

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