10 reasons why you shouldn’t have a church website

Trigger Warning for gentle satire.

Picture the scene. You’re there at church, and some bright spark turns around and suggests that you should have a church website. Instead of rejecting the idea completely, here are ten reasons why you should say no:

1. Someone would need to build it.
2. Why would people go to a church website, when they can just come to a Sunday Service?
3. Someone would need to update it.
4. We can’t ask the obvious people who always say yes to things to do another job!
5. We’ll need to arrange a committee to decide how it will look!
6. Don’t we need photos for something like that?
7. We’ll need to decide why we need a website.
8. We have a Facebook group, why do we need anything else?
9. Faith comes by hearing. In person. On a Sunday morning. Not via a MP3 recording!
10. Having a website may upset the person who puts together the church notice sheet.

Any more reasons to say no?

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  1. You need a Facebook page, not just a group. Something that non-FB members and non-church members can see. With, at the very least, service times and locations.

  2. I hear what you’re saying, but for those looking for a church in their local area that haven’t heard about you yet, a website is a perfect means of increasing awareness of your church – as many people head to Google as a first port of call for info.

    We’ve gained a number of church members through this means and visitors to the church who are holidaying in our area and wish to attend church during their vacation.

    A church website isn’t there for the sake of it but to show people you are active in the area, explain what it is you believe in and increase the impact you can have for God in the local area.

  3. Given the amount of things people just type into Google you almost need something that is going to pop up there – if I was moving to a new area, Google would probably be one of the first places I would be going. I know right now a local church to me is having their website redone – currently based on websites I would be going elsewhere and not that particular church.

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