Police Drugs Raid On Local Church?

Sometimes you come across a blog post on a church website, which is both awesome as a blog post (in its own right), and really informative about the type of church it is. Like this from St Mary Magdalene church based in Torquay, Devon.

“Local church raided for drugs”….

“Loads of police in the car park, apparently it’s not the first time the police have had to visit St Mary Magdalene church in Torquay”….

But it’s not true, well not all of it.

The truth is much more scary and shocking. 

At St Mags we have let ordinary people come in to church and they sometimes do things wrong. They take drugs, steal stuff, have broken relationships and yes, they are sometimes in trouble with the police. The most outrageous thing of all is that we have included many of “them” in the church family. In fact, we don’t even see it like that anymore. We have moved from being a community who talk about “them” to being a community who talk about “us”.

The police do visit our church, and often.

Most of the time, they are just served great coffee and given bacon baps while they chat informally to some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

Very occasionally (and I do mean very) the police come and intervene…

Read the rest over at their blog – and its worth a read.

Why do churches like feel like a rarity?

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  1. I’m not happy that our sacred Lord’s holy place has to be tainted in this way. I have been saying for the past two years that this would happen. I wonder how the Bishop feels about it or maybe Mary Magdelene is no longer a Christian church and now merely a community hall. I was recently asked by a member who was clearing up the cafe area to please leave now, as I was chatting to a freind. It’s such a beautiful place and such a shame that it has become what it now is.

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