9 Excuses For Not Going To Church

Imagine. Its Sunday morning, possibly even tomorrow, you’re there in bed struggling to wake up. Maybe it was the kids waking you up over the night, maybe its because you had to watch Doctor Who one more time last night, maybe it was that bank holiday bar b q that lasted a little longer then planned… Either way, the idea of going to Church is feeling more and more like a distant dream. So has you lay there in bed, what excuse could you use for being hungover not going to Church?

Here is The Church Sofa list of acceptable reasons for not going to Church:

  1. Your elderly parents wished to visit, and didn’t believe it was Sunday.
  2. You were so caught up in your morning prayer you didnt know what time it was.
  3. Wife / kid was sick… Not because of wine
  4. Jesus told me not to
  5. You missed Match of The Day the night before (acceptability does vary depending on who you spoke to).
  6. A random family member (who you’ve never mentioned before) came into town at short notice and popped in.
  7. You were on your way to church, and saw that someone had broken down. So you stopped and helped! (Sadly helping them out took longer then the church service, or obviously you would have invited the breakdown victim along to church)
  8. You literally had nothing to wear. (Obviously this wont work if you go to a naked church)
  9. You figured that you could get a better mornings kip at home rather than listen to the person down to preach. (That one might be true in some cases)

Remember… Sometimes it’s just best to be honest. (Especially if it’s your accountability partner)

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