10 Things to Learn From The Lego Movie

Well we finally got around to actually watching The Lego Movie , and found that no one told myself and Mrs Sofa what a deep movie this was, filled with meaningful lessons for life. Dont believe me? Here are 10 Things to Learn From The Lego Movie:

  1. Working as a team can be awesome.
  2. When you succeed, celebrate like it was first time lucky.
  3. Be careful of Micro Managers.
  4. A crazy idea doesn’t have to be a bad idea.
  5. Not liking the same song / drink / TV show as everyone else, isn’t a bad thing.
  6. Keep looking for your own Good Cop.
  7. Be ready to be as creative as kids.
  8. Your actions could easily make you the bad guy.
  9. Falling through the world doesn’t have to be the end of your story.
  10. Everything is awesome.

Still dont think The Lego Movie is a deep and meaningful film? Check out the arty music video released to accompany it:

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