10 Christian Insults To Consider.

Sometimes, people get to you. Admit it, they do. Go on, its ok its only you and I here. When people get you, do you ever really want to turn around and tell them to *******!!!!!!! away?

Obviously you don’t say it like that, because you’re a Christian, and Christians dont insult people right?

What if Christians did insult people? What would a Christian insult look like?

Here are ten to consider using at Church on Sunday:

  1. In our fathers house there are many rooms. May you be in the opposite wing to me.
  2. If you were around then, you probably wouldn’t have been the disciple Jesus loved.
  3. You are the Alliance to my Oasis.
  4. You can sit on my left.
  5. Doubting Thomas looks certain next to you.
  6. May you look back at Sodom.
  7. When I look at you, I am reminded that there are things sent to test our faith.
  8. That was done with all the subtlety of Mark Driscoll.
  9. Some people are wheat and others chaff.
  10. Some people are like angels who fell from heaven. You climbed up from the other place right?

Any more?

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  1. The church is the body of Christ and some are the nether regions to be kept hidden behind underpants. Heard in a sermon from the sick minded egotistical asshole son in law of the crazed pastor of a pentecostal church.

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