10 Ideas for A Church Fun Day

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It must be a hard decision at times for a church minister to take a sabbatical. There must be a million and one things to consider. Such as who’s going to preach? Who’s going to visit sick people? Will the church be happy to see them gone, are they likely to go and throw a Fun Day to celebrate?

There are also things for a church to consider when their minister goes on sabbatical. For instance, how should they celebrate their minister going away for a bit?

Some churches in this situation decide to host a “Fun Day”. If your church is also planning a fun day, here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Have people ready to ‘pounce’ on new faces!
  2. A really big cake!
  3. Some sort of local food, eg. In Scotland, serve Haggis, in Devon? Serve a cream tea.
  4. Bouncy Castle! Only big enough for one child at a time… or 20 adults bounding on.
  5. Second hand stall, with at least one kinda dodgy DVD.
  6. Different flavours of ice cream with Bible themed names. (Such as “Honey and Locust”)
  7. Connect 7. It’s a more biblical number then 4.
  8. Cage fighting pastors from elsewhere.
  9. Alpha sized smiles on everyone involved.
  10. The PCC / Deacons involved in a series of Gladiator style events…


Any ideas we missed?

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