The Lego Church

OK, so it not really a Lego Church. This place is a temporary pavilion set up for the Grenswerk Festival, within the town of Enschede, Netherlands.

This was found over at who goes onto say:

 LEGOs have inspired plenty of design and architectural pieces as of late, and it looks like the trend continues with the Abondantus Gigantus.

This church inspired design was built in 2011 for the Grenswerk Festival, located in the town of Enschede, Netherlands.  LOOS.Fm was looking to create a space where festival attendees could gather and socialize, when the idea for this 65 foot tool LEGO inspired building was created. The concrete blocks that make up the building’s construction were painted in 5 primary logo colors to create a truly stunning structure.

On a personal note. If you are due to design a church building any time soon, please make it out of Lego.

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