Big List of Brill Blogs

A while back I asked a question on Twitter: “What has been your best Church / Christian blog of this year? What do you think other people should be reading?”

This was with the intention of selecting one for the Sofa Awards 2013 post… and to be honest… I normally just get one or two names mentioned. This time around, I was met with a long list of possible suggestions. Instead of picking out one, here are all the ones suggested in this Big List of Brill Blogs. (Sorry for the cheesy name)


Group Blogs

  • Audacious – a Bible experience focused around a shared journey of discovery. Found on twitter @AudaciousHq.
  • Hillsong Collected“an ongoing collection of thoughts and stories from the leadership and key team of Hillsong Church around the world, conveniently packaged in three different streams.”

Faith Blogs

  • Sixty Stadia – “I use this blog to write things that I am learning or have learned on my walk of faith. I use this blog to explore some of the challenges of trying to live out Christianity – the most radically subversive lifestyle the world has ever seen – in the twenty first century. I hope that in reading you may find something that helps or encourages you and if you’ve never known Jesus yourself – I hope that something of these words encourages you to get to know Him.” – @SixtyStadia
  • Thorns and Gold“Suffering, Bible, messy edges of life”@Tanya_Marlow
  • Broken Cameras“about faith and failure”@danny_webster
  • Pams Perambulation – “I am  Methodist Minister, but not currently able to work in active ministry because of chronic illness. I really miss it, so I wanted to find some way of continuing to interact with the world – so here you have it.” – @pamjweb.
  • Dreaming Beneath the Spires – “a personal spiritual blog. I explore what it means to follow Christ as a wife, mum, and writer in affluent and beautiful 21st century Oxford. My themes include the love of God, the magic of prayer, the power of gratitude, the wisdom of the Bible, and the joy of reading and writing!” – @AnitaMathias1
  • Digital Nun – Benedictine nun keen on God, books and technology. Likes people, too – @Digitalnun

Church Blogs

“Stuff” Blogs


Is there anyone else that should be mentioned?

Add them yourself in the comments below!

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