Need A Speedier Communion Preparation?

Its a Sunday morning, you’re in Church getting things set up, and suddenly you realise its a communion service. Its not normally a communion on service on this particular Sunday, but things have changed, and you need to get things ready for communion quickly!

Well this could be the device for you!



According to the website:

Churches all over the Midwest have found the Quick-R-Filler™ is the fastest and easiest way to fill communion cups for their congregations. We constantly hear about how much time and energy they save and how easy it is to get ready for and cleanup after communion preparation. From start to finish the Quick-R-Filler™ system can prepare 200 communion cups in less than 10 minutes and clean up takes less than 2 minutes.

I guess the question is, Is The Quick-R-Filler faster and more useful then using a Super Soaker to dish out communion? 

Left Behind – The New Movie

For those who haven’t come across the Left Behind series of books before, wikipedia sums up the plot as:

Based on dispensationalist interpretation of prophecies in the Biblical books of Revelation, Daniel, Isaiah and Ezekiel, Left Behind tells the story of the end times (set in the contemporary era), in which true believers in Christ have been “raptured”, (i.e. taken instantly to heaven) leaving the world shattered and chaotic. As people scramble for answers, a relatively unknown Romanian politician named Nicolae Jetty Carpathia rises to become secretary-general of the United Nations, promising to restore peace and stability to all nations. What most of the world does not realize is that Carpathia is actually the Antichrist foretold from the Bible. Coming to grips with the truth and becoming born-again Christians, airline pilot Rayford Steele, his daughter Chloe, their pastor Bruce Barnes, and young journalist Cameron “Buck” Williams begin their quest as the Tribulation Force to help save the lost and prepare for the coming Tribulation, in which God will rain down judgment on the world for seven years.

Whilst there was a series of movies based on Left Behind awhile ago, Hollywood have decided its time for a big budget remake. “The Official – Left Behind Movie” Facebook has released the following clip to wet the appetite of any fans out there.

Are you looking forward to seeing this? Or are you just going to be happy if its not total rubbish?

If you are likely to watch this, are you likely to watch this at the cinema, or are you planning on watching it on Netflix / dvd / sky / other small screen option?

Being a cartoonist

Long term readers of The Sofa should not be surprised that we are fans of church / cycling cartoonist Dave Walker. He’s the guy who created “The Peace”, that we may have posted once or twice before…

He’s released a cool video about how he got started being a cartoonist.


Possibly the best thing about this video is that it gives me an excuse to post a cartoon:

This cartoon by Dave Walker originally appeared in the Church Times.
This cartoon by Dave Walker originally appeared in the Church Times.

For those going to a home group / housegroup this week. Heres something to ponder.

Do any of the above characters remind you of your homegroup?

More cartoons found at

Pope Peace Doves Involved in Epic Battle

Peace Doves

Fab article in the, covering what happened when the Pope realised a couple of doves to symbolize (we’re guessing) a prayer for peace:

VATICAN CITY (AP) – Two white doves that were released by children standing alongside Pope Francis as a peace gesture have been attacked by other birds.

As tens of thousands of people watched in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday, a seagull and a large black crow swept down on the doves right after they were set free from an open window of the Apostolic Palace.

One dove lost some feathers as it broke free from the gull. But the crow pecked repeatedly at the other dove.

It was not clear what happened to the doves as they flew off.

Check out for the whole collection of photos from the Dove launch to images from the battle itself.

Not wanting to giggle to much about prayers for peace (particularly in the light of the recent images from the Ukraine)… but does anyone else at least see the mildly amusing side of this?

Prayer on The Streets of Ukraine

Whilst its not exactly been headline news, the streets of Ukraine have not been peaceful for a number of months, with protests now turning into riots.

Orthodox priests have been praying within the battle lines  between the riot police and protesters. According to the Guardian.

An exhausted Orthodox priest with a huge cross around his neck trudged between the lines, trying unsuccessful to bring calm. “I’m here to placate the violence. My congregation is here,” he said.

Check out for more amazing images.

The Rt Revd Robert Atwell – New Bishop of Exeter

In keeping with being culturally relevant, the Devon Church of England Diocese has announced their own football style transfer with the following tweet:

  For the curious the Chester diocese website had the following information about Exeters new bishop:

pictureThe Bishop of Stockport- The Rt Revd Robert Atwell I was born and brought up in Ilford, Essex, on the east side of London. After school I read theology at St John’s College, Durham, and trained for the ministry at Westcott House, Cambridge. During training I was privileged to be sent to study at the Venerable English College in Rome. Attending lectures with seminarians from around the world and exploring the Eternal City was an education in itself. After ordination and a curacy in north London I was appointed Chaplain of Trinity College, Cambridge. From there I took the unusual step of becoming a Benedictine monk at Burford Priory in the Cotswolds. My ten years in monastic life gave me an abiding love of contemplative prayer. Although no longer a monk I maintain my Benedictine vocation as an oblate of the Abbey of Le Bec in Normandy where I try to make an annual retreat. Before coming to Stockport I was for nine years Vicar of St Mary’s in Primrose Hill, north London.

The announcement was made on the website via the following youtube video:

The tweet following the above announcement is probably also worth noting

  Does this suggest a continued focus from the Exeter Diocese on social action issues? Hopefully so, but lets get him out of Plymouth soon shall we?*  

Update. For those paying attention, the above tweet has been corrected:

*Dear Plymouth, only joking we love you really.