Church Notice Board of The Week

The above was found at Richard Littledales blog, he included the following wondering:

Erected by St Peter’s church in Guildford, it takes an SMS phrase which many would regard as blasphemous and turns it into a statement about Christmas. In the main I am pretty inured to people taking God’s name in vain. It happens so much that it grates a little at worst. I would far rather people didn’t do it, and I feel that they would never ever do it on broadcast media with the name of a deity from any other faith. However, it is not a big deal for me.

What about this advert, though? Is it a cheap shot or a clever cultural (and theological) reference? In essence all the figures around the manger of Bethlehem, from Mary and Joseph to shepherds, Magi and angels, were all saying ‘ O my God’ in response to what they saw.

Whilst I’m not sure if its either clever or cheap, can we at least give credit to St Peters for original thinking?

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