10 Ideas For Your Christmas Service

Got a Christmas service coming up? Not sure what to include? Want something original? Here are 10 Ideas For Your Christmas Service – that may really stick in peoples minds…

    1. Having a nativity? The process of birth isn’t really that easy… Bring a feel of the dramatic to your service. Arrange for one of your local pregnant ladies to have labour induced during the service.
    2. Is your church smelling nice? Thats not really fitting in with a nativity scene, try bringing in some animal… deposits… and spread around the hall.
    3. Including Lobsters in the nativity scene.
    4. Use an actual new born child as Jesus – without Mummy or Daddy near by.
    5. Would they have had a fire going near by where Jesus was born. Get one going… Yes in the church building.
    6. Got a pregnant lady in your church? Try and reenact the walk to Bethlehem, by getting said pregnant lady to walk round and round the church. Obviously the heavier the pregnancy, the better.
    7. Pregnant lady getting tired, get her a lift! Maybe in a trolley, a piggy back… An actual live donkey…
    8. Ensure you have more Candles in your “Carols by Candle Light” service then the church down the road.
    9. Got an advent candle? Trust the kids to light them unaccompanied.
    10. Live Camels?

Any more?

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