Ways To Accidentally Create Moral Outrage in Church

The Church. For all its faults, generally doesn’t do a bad job at being a mad wide personality ranging group of people. The thing is, there is alot of different people involved in Church. The chances are, someone is going to end up offended in someway. We’ve asked around and found the following potential ways to create moral outrage in a Church:

  1. Use one to many references from Life of Brian during the sermon.
  2. Quote Mark Driscoll during a sermon.
  3. It turns out that the day you’re doing anything “up front” is NOT the day to forget your flies AND your underwear.
  4. Freudian slips.
  5. Display live tweets during the service on a Twitterfall. As a result possibly accidentally display suggestive / little bit pornographic / objectionable content during the service.
  6. Tight Trousers.
  7. Wear the wrong T Shirt.
  8. Screen the wrong movie during the Youth Club movie night.
  9. Click on a dodgy link in Facebook… spam the nervous-about-Facebook-old-dear with dodgy links.
  10. Share different biscuits to normal after the service.

Any others out there?

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  1. 1.Suggest that young people should have some power via junior pcc/diaconate

    2.Have tattoos you are not sorry for

    3.suggest it might be more practical to do stuff if you took a pew out.

    4.suggest that those newcomers who have only been here a year might be right

    5.Point out that you can enjoy a song without aiming part or all of it ten times OR point out that a song written in the 70’s is not modern.

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