Ponderings and questions after watching #cnmac13 from afar.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve blogged about various topics I’ve taken away from The Christian New Media Conference (#Cnmac13), both from being there in person, and by watching the hashtag on Twitter.

Again, I kept a watch on what people were saying on Twitter, but I guess this time I have more questions than answers. Here are some quotes from what I saw on Twitter, which stood out and made me ask questions.

“To begin with, there were a few tweets about humanizing the gospel.”
What does humanizing the gospel actually mean?

“There should be more of a partnership between local churches & the web”
Are there any good examples of this happening? Or do we simply mean a decent local church website? What would that look like anyway?

“Church online can be one, catholic and apostolic but cannot be holy. We need to be in embodied relationship to others”
I’m confused by this. I guess it depends on what Church looks like – if a Church online is focused on peoples relationship with each other and God then why not? If we’re seeing the difference between online and offline relationships becoming blurred, and if God can make offline relationships holy, then why cant he do the same with online relationships?

Does our concept of what constitutes church need to be re-imagined?
I’m presuming this could be the opposite view point to the above? But even if it isn’t: What the heck constitutes Church anyway?

(Sorry my system for keeping track of them wasn’t sensible enough to keep hold of usernames as well, if you’d like to be credited with anything , please give me a shout.)

If you have any answers for my questions, I’d love to hear from you below.

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