Have you seen the Christmas Doors?

Christmas DoorsWe had noticed that Richard Littledale from The Preachers Blog had been a little vocal recently about opening Christmas Doors. Confused about what the heck he was on about, The Sofa and sat down with Richard for a virtual pint, and asked him what was going on.
I’ve spotted that you’ve mentioned on Twitter something called #ChristmasDoors, What that about?
#Christmasdoors is a collaborative venture, bringing together a local Baptist Church and the local business community. One week today, 24 little doll’s house doors will appear in the town. People can visit them all on a ‘trail’ which tells the Christmas story. Those who complete the trail, getting a sticker for every found door, will arrive at door #24 in the church and get a prize. The scheme allows the church to tell the Christmas story, and generates footfall for local businesses.
How did the idea come about?
The inspiration came from two sources. The first was a “living advent” in Henley-on-Thames, which ad originally been an export from Stockholm. The second was a series of “fairy doors” in the town of Ann Arbor, in Michigan.
It sounds like a tour around local businesses, is that really the sort of thing a church should be doing?
I take the role of pastoring both community and church very seriously. Times are tough for local businesses, and if I can help them whilst ALSO sharing the Gospel – I will do it, every time!
Would you like to see other churches doing something similar?
Possibly, yes. For this year, I think we should trial it here. However, if it takes off then I would hope to produce something by way of a template which might help others to run with the idea…
And finally.. Have you seen a little owl recently?
I have indeed. The ‘Tale of the Little Owl’ (  bit.ly/owlnotes ) is now with the designer. As soon as she has finished her work, he will ‘fly’ up to Darlington where 750 copies will be printed. Hopefully, they will be on sale in time for Christmas in aid of the Momentum UK charity.
You can find out more about about Christmas Doors at his blog: richardlittledale.me.uk
Thanks for the chat Richard!
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