Is Social Media Gods Tool?

Dear Jesus, Please forgive me for not hitting LIKE on my friends "Hit Like if you love Jesus" post. I really do like you.

While cleaning out my email inbox, I found this great article from which looks at recognizing the voice of God through communication:

With modern technology, I believe we are experiencing new ways by which God is speaking to us and to the nations. He doesn’t always speak to us in the way we expect Him to, and sometimes I think that God speaks through Social Media. “What?” I hear you gasp; before mass complaints begin to pour in, allow me explain further.

More often than not, we are caught up in HOW God speaks to us, rather than recognising His voice through whatever tools, avenues or instruments He chooses to use. Remember that tweet your friend sent last week, the one that reminded you about God’s promises? How about that blog article you read, the very one that encouraged you to hold on just a bit longer, of which the result is the testimony you now boldly proclaim?

Learning how to recognise God’s voice takes time and devotion, something that can only be developed by spending time in His presence and by engaging with (not simply being a part of) our environment. Technology has turned communication on its head and is increasingly becoming the avenue of choice for interaction. And yes, since it is God’s intention for no man to perish but for everyone to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I believe He uses technology, Social media in particular, to achieve this goal. Can we handle with that notion?

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